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Personal training sales tool

Discover The Amazing Personal Training Sales Secret That’s Guaranteed To Quickly Give Any Personal Trainer The Ability To Get New Clients Practically Whenever You Feel Like It And Eliminate All Of Your Sales And Income Frustrations Forever!  

Instantly Increase Your Client Base From The Very Next Appointment As You Effortlessly Put This Little-Known Technique
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"Hi Pat,

Just a quick thank you note. 5 years ago i started my pt business and although i had been in sales roles most of my life i didn't realise that it was those skills that where required the most to be a successful PT. In the first few months of my business i did quite well and built a base of 15 clients-but then December came!!
I lost a few clients and i was struggling to pay my bills and so one night i decided to look on the internet to see if i could get any help and i stumbled across Pats training course. With its guarantee of money back if it didn't work i took the gamble. That weekend i listed to the seminar 5 times and on that monday i booked 6 consultations and walked away with £750 (about $1000 dollars)....a lot more than i had paid for the course. I now teach these training methods to my PTs as i have now progressed from PT to PT manager and then General Manager......i am now applying for a regional role.... Thank you sir great course.

Carl Smith
PT and General Manager of Fitness First York

"I found the book to be extremely helpful.  Within 3 months I went from selling around 3-4g a month in personal training to selling 6-9g a month."

Adam Zwanziger
Friendswood, Texas

"Pat, I've have been in the top three for trainers gross for the past two months thanks to your system . Thanks for the words of encouragement the last time I wrote you. The Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool is really paying off and I've only implemented a few steps."

Alex Baskerville
Southern New Jersey

From: Pat Necerato
Freehold, NJ
Tuesday, 6:45 p.m.

Dear Personal Trainer:

        If you’re not satisfied with the amount of personal training clients you have, your income, or your ability to consistently get new clients, this is going to be the most exciting letter you’ve ever read.

       Here’s why…

        You're about to be exposed to a very powerful personal training sales secret that, up to this point, has been closely guarded by a small handful of top fitness professionals in the Health Club industry... until now.  You're about to discover a quick and easy way to…

Get More Personal Training Clients In The Next 30 Days Than You Now Get In 6 Months… Without Having To Spend More Than 15 Minutes With Any Prospect!

I know it seems hard to believe, but it’s the straight-up truth.  And you're going to see firsthand exactly why, right now.

Before I spill the beans, though, let me take a second to introduce myself and tell you why you should listen to everything I have to say. 

My name’s Pat Necerato.  You may have heard or read about some of my other client attraction tools for trainers such as the Success-ercisE System The Instant Personal Training Marketing System, or the Instant Personal Training Video Creator.  Personal trainers and health club owners in practically every state around the United States are using these systems and making some serious money with it.   

           You may have even come across some of the articles I’ve authored for Club Industry Magazine, Club Solutions Magazine, IHRSA, and many trainer websites on selling fitness. Or you may have received a letter or email, endorsing me and my System from the master personal training marketer Eric Ruth.

In the 15 years I've been in the fitness industry, literally hundreds of health club and club chains worldwide have thought enough of me to purchase and use my personal fitness marketing and sales systems.  

And, as humbly as I can possibly say it, these products have made a lot of fitness people a significant amount of money.  Now I'm about to do the same for you.

"A 'Must Have' For Any Fitness Professional That Wants To Increase Their Client Base!"

"Pat, since I've used the Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool, I am now a better closer with all prospects: I now close 10 out of 11 prospects! Your system is a must have for any fitness professional who wants to increase their client base. If you want to increase your P.T. sales, sign up because if you just use one of Pat's tips, you'll increase your bottom line. Keep up the great work Pat."

Mr. Todd Elliott
Fitness Expert

Currently, I operate a company that has over 1000 customers that use our automated marketing, client attraction and sales systems. Hundreds of them are fitness professionals like you.  I also teach trainers how to sell Personal Training quickly and easily without seeming like a sales person.   

What you're about to be exposed to in this letter is the exact technique that one of my clients - a pretty large chain of clubs in Canada called Woman's Fitness Center -  used, that, almost overnight, allowed them to go from selling less than $10,000 of personal training revenue per month to over $24,700.00.  And that was just in the first 30 days of them using the technique you're about to learn. 

With that mumbo-jumbo about me out of the way... you now ready to discover what some call the "jealously-guarded secret" of how to convert 7 out of 10 personal training prospects you meet with into paying clients... without having to spend more than 15 minutes with them

Here it is... the secret of how to quickly, easily, and consistently get new personal training clients almost whenever you feel like it: 

           It’s mastering the art of knowing exactly how to get prospective clients to rabidly desire and desperately need you and your training services, like a fish craving water.   Let me explain.

The Secret Of How To Instantly Add Hundreds Per Month To Your Income And Save You Tons And Tons Of Frustration Trying To Earn Big Money As A Personal Trainer

People don't buy personal training because of the knowledge we have or because of our certifications.  They don’t buy personal training from us because we gave them a great workout.  

And people don’t buy personal training from us because they love to exercise.  

I wish that was the case.  But it's not.  

People buy personal training because it’s a solution to a problem they have. They buy personal training from you when they see a “need” for your services, because it will solve their problem.   

"Buy it and understand it--because it works! My clients actually appreciate me using The Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool!


If there’s no problem... no need... they don’t buy.  Period.  

No matter how great your “sales presentation” is, or your workout... if the people you meet with don’t "feel" they have an urgent need or strong desire to have a problem fixed that your personal training can solve, almost all prospects will not spend a dime with you.

Think about it this way: 

It's just like if you were given a stellar sales presentation from a furniture salesman trying to sell you a $12,000 Italian leather sofa.  If you don’t need or want a sofa, your not gonna buy it.  No matter how gorgeous the sofa is, how discounted it is, or how great the sales presentation is, if you don’t have the need or desire for a new sofa… you’re not buying it.  Period.  

Same thing with your prospects.

The workout can be outrageous... your knowledge unsurpassed… your passion through the roof… your “sales presentation” dialed… but… if the client doesn’t think they need your training services, they will not spend any money with you. 

And... if you use the typical questionnaire (being used by most trainers) with prospects, or go through the typical questioning process that most trainers use, you'll wind up only converting 1 or 2 people out of about 10 or 15 prospects into paying clients.

In order to really hit it big in the personal training field and make some serious money, you must... absolutely...  master the art of creating almost-insatiable levels of desire and need with your prospects.  

"I'm More Confident! It's Now Easy To Sell Training! This Has Benefited Me Immensely!"

"Pat is one of a very few people that I listen to when it comes to marketing and selling in the health and fitness industry. This system is definitely worth it! Pat, this has benefited me immensely, I am far more confident in selling myself to people when they approach me regarding my training services. I'm developing better conversations and getting prospects to make the decision themselves."

Keith Donald

Northern Suburbs Rugby Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Sports Strength and Conditioning Consultant
Personal and Group Fitness Trainer

"Yes,  More Clients, But More Positive Clients Too!"

"Pat, your Personal Training sales tips and information have benefited me in a very positive way!  I'm getting better contacts and more clients, and they are much more positive. As long as trainers aren't trying to get the same customers as me, I would recommend any trainer to SUBSCRIBE to this system!

Peter Ahlgren

"I've Been In The Biz For A Bit And Have Never Seen Anybody Approach Sales As Well As Pat!"

"I've really benefited from the sales tips and information Pat has to offer.  I've learned how to close better and to ask to ask potential clients the right questions.  I would say that Pat has a proven track record, I have been in the biz for a bit and never seen anybody approach sales as well as Pat....Selling a client your services without seeming like a high pressure salesman is the bottom line..."

Ray Turrell AMFPT Certified Personal Trainer

Here's where most Personal Trainers totally botch things and go way off the mark.  They start asking crazy questions.  Prying into the prospect's life.  Some go through a medical history and PAR-Q.  When done the wrong way, this can totally blow any chance of you signing up a prospect as a new client.  

When done correctly, like you're about to read about, it's the ticket to a very lucrative career as a Personal Trainer.  And here's the cool thing...

There’s actually a powerful little technique that you can use with prospects, within the first 15 minutes of each appointment, that will build insane amounts... I'm talking monstrous amounts... of need and desire for your personal training services.

When you use this technique, you'll easily convert 7 out of every 10 prospects you meet with into happy, paying clients... without having to spend massive amounts of time with them.  What this means for you is a quicker, easier, more enjoyable process for getting new clients, and a significant jump in your income.

How I Went From A Big Muscle Head With A Goomba Personality That Rubbed Even My Mother The Wrong Way To The Most-Sought-After Personal Training Sales Machine In All Of New Jersey... And How You Can Easily Do The Same!

I was lucky enough to stumble across this simple, yet powerful, technique when I first got started in the fitness industry.

It was 1992, I was almost 22 years old and desperately wanted a personal training job in a health club.  I didn't have any experience training clients in a health club, so nobody was willing to give me a decent paying opportunity. 

Finally, after tons and tons of interviews, exhausted from my search, I finally gave up and responded to a classified ad for a front desk job at Hopewell Valley Racquet and Fitness Center in Pennington, NJ.  I was so down and out and just wanted to work in any health club that I actually took the job.  

It was a 40,000 square foot fitness center, that had about 20 racquet ball courts, half of which were closed down and abandoned.  The club had water leaks, rust on the equipment, and dirt and dust everywhere.  The club was a total dump back then (it's been completely renovated since).  

The general manager of the facility, Jeff, the scheming shyster that he was, (literally... he was caught embezzling or something like that) made me a proposal.  He said if I worked the front desk from 5am to 9am, that I could train clients and keep all of the money.  There was one catch though.

He said I had to offer everyone who joined the club a free personal training appointment.  I didn't even think about it.  I just jumped at the opportunity. And here's what happened.

Who Else Would Like To Know The Secret Of How To Get 22 New Personal Training Clients In One Month?

I didn't know how the heck I was going to do to meet with all the new members, but I did know that for sheer time purposes I had to figure out a system to sell personal training to these people quickly, or there would be no way I would make any money.  And quickly is just what I did.  Here's how.

Let's just say that I eventually (after tons of long and unproductive hours) figured out a short-cut system to quickly and easily bond with clients, get them to feverishly want and need personal training,  comfortably eliminated the possibility of any sales objections arising, and smoothly "closed the deal".... in 15 minutes... or less.  

Because of the short-cut technique I was finally able to stumble across, I was able to sell over $48,632.72 the very first year at Hopewell Valley Racquet.  I got 22 clients in the first 30 days.  Actually, I think I may have even sold more.  And now you can do the same.

This powerful short-cut sales technique will allow you to literally sell personal training to the majority of  prospects you meet with… without feeling uncomfortable... without investing any unnecessary time with prospects... and without having to be an aggressive, irritating salesperson.     

The rare fitness professionals who are fortunate to have someone share with them this sales secret… make some big bucks.  The ones who don’t… well… let’s just say… they pretty much struggle to make ends meet. 

"The Results Are Instant!"

"Hi Pat, All I can say works! Many times you read these  articles or books but they do not motivate you to try out the methods they advice but your sales book is easy to read, understand and apply. I started applying the methods one by one and the results are instant. I still have more stuff to try out. It was well worth the money! By the way, I never thanked you... hereby... thanks a million Pat."

Renee D.Wild,
Oranjestad, Aruba

"More Clients In Such A Short Time!"

"Pat, you have increased my motivation. In the short time I owned the Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool, it has helped me get more clientele, plus I have a lot of new ideas to get clients. I personal train people out of their homes, so it is hard to get a lot of new clients. Your tips have given me some great ideas!

Matt Cook

"New Strategies To Increase Revenue"

"Pat, your sales techniques have given me new ideas and new angles about the business and its marketing strategies. Also the ability to create new strategies to increase my personal training revenue. The ideas and tips keep coming!

Susanna de Beer
Licensed Wellcoach, CFT

The good news… now you can experience the huge benefits of knowing and using this technique simply by ordering a copy of my new Manual called the CAF Manual: The Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool.  

You'll learn step-by-step exactly what to do to easily convert 7 out of every 10 prospects you meet with, into happy clients, without ever coming off like a used-car salesman... and all in 15 minutes or less.

The little-known personal training sales technique and ethical tricks the CAF Manual: The Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool exposes are truly amazing. 

Here’s a small sample of what’s revealed in the CAF Manual:

  • How to use, what I call, the "Navy Seal Mind Melding Technique", that will allow you to regularly convert 7 out of 10 people you bring through a free workout into paying personal training clients.
  • A killer questioning tool that completely prevents sales objections from ever arising, builds extreme buying motivation for your personal training services, nakedly uncovers prospect hot buttons, and guarantees to put an extra $1257.00 in your pocket every single month.
  • How to prevent your prospective clients from wanting to “Go home and think about” and, instead, have them buy training from you on the spot. (Knowing this one technique alone is worth at least 12 times the cost of the entire Manual.)
  • The ancient…almost magical question you need to ask during your meeting with a prospective personal training client - that will almost guarantee they sign up with you. Use it just once and you’ll freak out at the thought of how easy selling personal training is for you.
  • The little known and rarely understood personal training sales technique that – when used - will give you a consistent income month after month. Never stress out again about what kind of money you’re going to make.  It’ll never fluctuate again...if you use this technique
  • The one personal training sales-killing mistake that most trainers make almost every time they meet with prospective clients. Knowing and avoiding this one viscous income roadblock will save you months and months of frustration trying to build your personal training business without any real success.
  • A step-by-step systematic personal training sales approach that only takes 15 minutes to use with prospects and will have 6 out of 10 people paying for your services.  Use it and it will eliminate all of your client acquisition frustrations forever.
  • How to easily and comfortably prevent your prospective clients from telling you, “They need to go home and speak with their spouse”, when you ask them to buy training. This one little soft phrase will save you from wasting hours with prospects, only to have them never become your client.  You’ll be amazed at how easily it works.
  • The only phrase you should never say to a prospective personal training client…if you do want them to actually become your client.  This common phrase is something you need to avoid like the plague.
  • How to sell more personal training in the next 30 days than you now do in 6 months, without ever coming off like a pushy used-car salesman.
  • The exact order of questions you should and should never ask when you’re meeting with a prospective personal training client.  If just one of the questions you’re asking right now is asked at the wrong time in the personal training session, you may be kissing away thousands of dollars per year and not even realizing it.  
  • How to use the award-winning CAF Questionnaire.  Use it the first day you get it, and sit back and watch how your "closing" percentage shoots the rough the roof.    
  • How to completely prevent and avoid your prospective clients from telling you, “They need to think about it”, when you ask them to buy training.  
  • A simple little persuasion technique used by elite psychologists - called the Tick-Tock Technique – that will have prospective clients relaxed and almost begging for you to tell them about your personal training services.
  • A short-cut (step-by-step system) that uncovers every want, need, emotion, procrastination, excuse, desire, objection, motivation, justification and fear your prospects have... and watch them become happy, eager, excited personal training clients... today.  
  • The one and only technique that will allow you to sell personal training to prospects without having to spend an exhausting amount of time and energy with them.  Knowing this will make selling personal training a breeze for you.
  • The most powerful, effective, money-making questioning technique in the entire fitness industry.  Knowing this one technique alone will easily put you in the top 5% income bracket of all personal trainers... within just 120 days from putting it to work for you. 
  • And much, much more!

Pretty outrageous stuff, don’t you agree?

However, I don’t expect you to believe any of it.   


You don't have to take my word for it with anything I've told you.  I’ll prove everything I've said to you in this letter... without you having to risk any of your money buying the CAF Manual: The Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool.   

Your 100% No-Questions-Asked One-Year Money-Back Guarantee

Here’s the deal: For right now, the price of the CAF Manual: The Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool is only $47.

Order a copy of the manual completely at my risk. Read it and try out the personal training sales technique that's revealed in there for up to one full year. 

            And, if you’re not blown away by how easily and stress-free you’re now selling your training services... with how consistent your income and personal training business is... and if the CAF Manual hasn’t added a bare minimum of $1257.00 per month to your personal income… simply let me know and you’ll get a complete, 100% no-questions-asked refund.  Immediately.

You’re guaranteed to explode your income, permanently eliminate your sales frustrations, and truly enjoy the whole process of getting new personal training, by using my CAF Manual: The Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool... or it costs you nothing.

Take the entire year, if you’d like, to put me and this secret personal training sales technique to the test.  It either proves itself to you by earning you significantly more money than you would have earned without it, or you’ll get a complete 100% refund of every penny you’ve spent.

Do you think I'd make you an offer like that if I was lying about anything I've said in this letter.  No way!  

Now… if you’re thinking to yourself, “If what this manual reveals is so powerful, why is Pat selling it for only $47 bucks”, let me explain why.

As you’re reading this letter, other people are buying this manual for $169.00. You get to pay only $47 bucks, simply because you’re going to get a digital version emailed immediately to you once you complete your purchase.  Doing it this way saves me (and now you) money on printing and publishing.  That’s why you can get it for only $47. 

Now I've got warn you about something, though. 

The CAF Manual: The Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool isn't some fancy shmancy piece of literature.  There aren't any graphics, cartoons, or pictures of me vacationing in the Bahamas.  Nope.  Just the pure meat and potatoes of how to sell your training services like crazy.  

I can guarantee you one thing... the information you'll discover in there will change your fitness career forever and add more to your income than anything else you've ever come across.  Anywhere. 

You'll never have to worry ever again about how and when you're going to be able to get new clients... never feel uncomfortable "selling" your personal training services... and... never wonder if you're ever going to be able to make great money as a Personal Trainer. 

"The information contained was revolutionary! The benefits were remarkable!"

  Darryl Rozelle, Chanhassen, MN

"Pat, I've only gone through some of the info, but from what I've used so far has increased my closing %. I'm also more confident in the sense of being a lot more prepared."

Sam Patel

"I No Longer Have To Feel Weary Of The Sale!"

"Pat, your tips have helped tremendously!!! They've allowed me to tackle more situations and build my personal training business. From using your techniques, my training business has increased and I look forward to talking with people about training because I no longer have to feel weary of the sale! I would tell anyone to sign up immediately, it's awesome. The information you give makes you think "Why have I struggled so long?" and you think to yourself "Where were these tips when I first started and struggled with selling PT?" Thanks!

Brian Wesolowski

            The CAF Manual: The Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool will turn your personal training business into the money making machine you've always wanted it to be.  With ease. 

If You're A Serious Personal Trainer, You Can Easily Double Your Income With The Short-Cut Selling System You'll Learn With The CAF Manual

   But, there’s one catch though…

           A business associate of mine, a short little pesky guy (a bit on the hairy side as well), is hounding me about raising the price.  He’s telling me that even in digital format we can still easily get $139.00, if not more. 

           He’s probably right, too. 

           I’ve got to confess, I’m not sure when I’m going throw in the towel and just let him have his way.  I’m getting pretty tired of his pleading. Who knows… the little sniveling runt may force me to raise the price up to at least $119.00 by the end of the week, if not up to the $139.00, or even $169.00.  So what’s my point? 

It’s this:  if you want to immediately start converting 7 out of 10 prospects you meet with into paying clients, totally eliminate any frustrations you have trying to get new clients, and experience the exhilaration of watching your income finally shoot up to where you've always wanted it to be, you might want to grab your copy of the CAF Manual: The Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool, right now.  

You'll get it at a much cheaper price than everyone else is paying ( save yourself about $30 to $50 bucks or so, depending on what I raise the price to) and you're investment is only a measly $47. 

At only $47, if the CAF Manual only gets you 2 miniscule clients, who only train with you once and never come back, it will still pay for itself.  Think about how wise of an investment this will be for you when the techniques you'll learn do everything for you the Money-Back Guarantee says they will.  

And there's more...

Because I want to make this decision a no-brainer for you, I'll sweeten the deal even more for you. 

Grab A Copy Of The CAF Manual: The Ultimate
Training Sales Tool Right Now, And You'll Also Get

FREE BONUS #1The 120-Minute Audio Recording Of My Live Workshop Entitled How To Dramatically Increase The Impact And Effectiveness Of Your Personal Training "Sales" Presentation (Value $49.00) 

This is the most in-depth audio presentation on selling fitness services you'll find anywhere.  Here's a sample of what you'll discover and learn in this audio program:

1. The 7 critical "bases" to touch during every presentation
2. How to (and the importance of) effect the 6 faculties of your
    prospects mind

3. How to be a plate spinner
4. What is the P/A (CAF) form
5. Overview of the contents of the P/A (CAF) form
6. How and why to meet people twice
7. Finding a good place to interview your prospect
8. Eight steps to a powerful introduction
9. Building need and establishing goals for the prospect
10. 4 reasons to do the P/A (CAF) BEFORE your sales presentation
11. Questions to ask to build need, emotion, overcome objections,
      uncover selling
points and educate prospects
12. The "Why don' t you do that" close
13. Overcoming "time" and "spouse"
14. Building value for your services
15. How to incorporate a "value" segment in your presentation and 

16. How to "show off" your service or product
17. Getting live testimonials during your presentation
18. The "puppy dog" close
19. Preventing overselling
20. The "logical conclusion" close
21. The "what's missing" close
22. How to re-qualifying prospects
23. "The only thing it comes down to" close
24. Getting a money commitment
25. The "most clubs" money commitment close
26. The "triple option" close
27. The "alternate of choice" close
28. 8 steps to presenting prices and quick paperwork
29. How to overcome any objection ("Spouse" and "I need to think
      about it", especially)

30. 7 post closing techniques

FREE BONUS #2: The Prospecting Manual: 40 Inexpensive Ways To Get Flooded With An Endless Parade Of Qualified Personal Training Prospects (Value $170.00)

Here's a small glimpse into what you'll learn in this 160 page Manual:
  • A teeny-weeny little technique that will easily allow you to get 2 to 5 qualified, ready-to-buy, referrals from every client.
  • How to get flooded with qualified prospects, without spending money on costly advertising, promotions, or incentives.
  • A rarely-used trick you can use when creating and placing any ads, flyers and brochures, that will have qualified and excited prospects coming to you.
  • How to adopt the critical attitude and habits of the most successful personal training marketers (this material may be worth thousands to you, depending on how quickly you put it to work for you)
  • 40 powerful, profitable ways to get flooded with qualified prospects - regardless of your budget.
Just a quick FYI about this Manual... it's selling on the Internet right now as it's own stand alone product.  So... you getting it as a freebie with this offer is truly a gift. 

Think about it this way...

If you let the opportunity to get your hands on this material pass you by, when do you think you're ever going to have a chance like this again - to be handed a guaranteed method you can use to immediately begin getting 7 out of every 10 people you meet with to buy personal training from you… within 15 minutes or less… for only $47... and with a One-Year 100% Money-Back Guarantee, no less?    

Probably never.  Think about it.

Plus, don't you think you owe it to yourself and your career to invest just $47 to find out exactly what the top personal trainers are doing to sell their services virtually whenever they feel like it?  Especially since there's no risk for you when you order your CAF Manual... with the whopping One-Year Money-Back Guarantee!

"I Hit My Goal In Only 2 Days! AMAZING!"

"WOW! I don't even know where to start! Since I have been reading and applying your sales techniques I've been able to generate business like crazy! By applying these techniques I was able to hit my monthly goal in only two days!! AMAZING!! The benefits I've been receiving are infinite, I cant even begin to explain how my business has changed in the last few days. But the most beneficial aspect I've received from applying this program is confidence.....something that I lacked before I used the Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool. Like many other personal trainers I struggled with sales tremendously. In fact for a short period of time, I almost even considered a different career, because I struggled with sales so much. Being that this program improved my monthly revenue so much, I can honestly say that it can work for me, it could work for anyone else just as well! This program has benefit me with the simple fact that now I can actually sell!"


"Within the first day of applying only one idea from the Prospecting Manual, I received twenty two calls and set 18 appointments. The ideas contained in these manuals are unlimited! If anyone doubts their effectiveness have them call me immediately!"

Hal Bass
Owner, Life Partners Fitness

         It's incredibly easy to get your copy of the CAF Manual: The Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool and the 2 FREE BONUSES.  Just click on the link below right now.  You can pay by Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Discover.  And as soon as you complete your order you'll immediately be emailed with instructions on how to instantly download everything. 

To Your Success,

Pat Necerato

p.s. If you want to eliminate your personal training sales and income frustrations forever, easily and quickly get new clients practically whenever you feel like it, and instantly start stuffing more money in your pocket from your personal training business, get your copy of the CAF Manual: The Ultimate Personal Training Sales Tool right now for only $47.

p.p.s.  Remember, if you order right now, you'll also receive the 2 FREE BONUSES.  And,  if you’re not blown away by how easily and stress-free you’re now selling your training services... with how consistent your income and personal training business is... and if the CAF Manual hasn’t added a bare minimum of $1257.00 per month to your personal income… simply let me know and you’ll get a complete, 100% no-questions-asked refund.